Steff Jones: Lighting Designer/Director

Steffan Jones (Also credited as Steff Jones and Steff Hywel Jones) is a British Lighting Designer, working across the UK and internationally with the delivery of initial design concepts & 3D visualisation, through to the realisation and execution of both live shows and recorded output in a variety of scales from TV Studio, Theatre, Concert Hall, to large arenas, and outside broadcasts.

Steffan has a broad portfolio of credits to date, across Television & Broadcast, Music & Concert Tours, Events, Theatre, and Special Projects, consultation on special installations, to relighting for camera where he will work with and/or adapt the pre-existing lighting design of a stage/live production or concert to convey the same visual impact on camera(DVD & Music recordings).

Best known for his work in Television, Steffan works with a highly experienced team of expert programmers, and specialist crews, and has worked alongside some of the industry’s leading production designers, directors, choreographers, and creative directors. He tailors his creative vision through the use of fresh and innovative ideas, in his lighting designs, bringing productions to life - regardless of scale, location or budget.

Originally from Cardiff in Wales, Steffan grew up learning and working in the Welsh Television industry. He later graduated in London with a First Class (BA) Honors Degree in Television.

Some of his initial credits as a lighting designer were on programmes for the BBC, ITV, and S4C in Wales. Sam Smith, Will I Am, John Newman, Ellie Goulding, Chris Brown, and Demi Lovatto are just a few examples of the artists he has worked with since then.

Television & Broadcast

Steffan is best known for his work as a Lighting Director working across a diverse range of broadcast with a large portfolio to date on project from studio to arena, to outputs in some instances of more than 5 million viewers, budgets of more than £250,000, a team of 15 personnel, and rigs of over 300 moving lights.

He has worked with the UK's top multi camera directors such as Mathew Amos and John Spencer to name but a few, creative directors Kim Gavin and Nathan Clarke, and production designers such as Florian Weilder, and Dominic Tolfts. He chooses to work with a handpicked team of programmers which have console operated productions such as The X Factor, Britian’s Got Talent, and Dancing on Ice, over the course of the last 10 years.

He also offer’s a relighting for camera service where he will adapt the pre-existing lighting design of a stage production or concert to convey the same visual impact on camera.